1.5 This agenda

In recent years, the concept of KEMs as originally launched in the KIA Creative Industries 2018-2021 has been embraced by the (top) sectors as a valuable addition to the KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) and an indispensable link in the process of tackling missions. For the Mission-driven Innovation Policy, there is a need to strengthen knowledge about and to develop new KEMs. The KEMs are therefore included in the KIA Key Enabling Technologies and play a prominent role in the KIAs of the mission themes. With this positioning, the KEMs are given a prominent place in research programming, to which end this agenda has been drawn up.

This agenda mainly aims to point out where the strengths (existing methods) and weaknesses (knowledge gaps) lie and which opportunities / needs are most urgent to address in the short term. The further development of existing KEMs and the development of new strategies and methods will mainly take shape through application in concrete innovation processes (also see Chapter 10). Although this agenda does not address the meta-question of what makes a ‘good’ methodology, KEM development will also involve addressing more fundamental, methodological issues.

The eight categories elaborated in the document do not cover the entire methodological field, but mainly those domains that are particularly relevant to the Mission-driven Innovation Policy. This agenda is therefore not a catalog of all methods, strategies and processes with which change trajectories and innovations can be shaped. The agenda provides an overview of the available KEMs for the eight categories, the usability of specific methods in various transition issues, the scientific state of affairs within each category and what further research is needed. The agenda can therefore also be used as an entrance to the world of KEMs; a diverse world where change professionals can give and receive a great deal.

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