10.2 Methodological challenges in the missions

In all missions and in each of the four mission KIAs and the KIA Social Earning Capacity, many links and questions about methods can be discovered. In principle, methods from all eight KEM categories can be relevant for each mission and each mission theme. This has to do with the nature of the missions: they concern transitions of systems (system change) in which, for example, the bringing together and alignment of many stakeholders (participation and co-creation) and getting a grip on the effects of interventions to bring about the transitions (monitoring and effect measurement) will always play a role.

Yet we also see that a number of categories receive a lot of attention per theme. In order to provide tools for prioritising methodological challenges in the programming within the mission themes, the table below indicates per mission theme which KEM categories seem most relevant to achieving the mission objectives. It concerns a generic initial inventory; a proposal at theme level that can be further elaborated on the level of MJPs / MMIPs and research questions in consultation with the parties involved and in the forums surrounding the KIAs.

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